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Buying and Selling Autos and Auto Accessories

Yo! My name is Greg and this is my auto blog. A warm welcome to all the readers out there on the worldwide web. I decided to start this blog because the other night when I was lying in bed unable to sleep, I suddenly realised that I am a guy with a lot to give and that now was the time to start giving it. Although I am not a professional auto person, over the years, I have picked up a lot of useful info about how to buy, sell, maintain and modify different types of automobile. I hope you enjoy my blog.


Buying and Selling Autos and Auto Accessories

  • 4 Steps to Protect Your Car's Paint from Sun Damage

    17 November 2016

    Everyone understands that the sun's rays can be tough on skin, but not so many people know that they can affect the paint job of a car. When the hot Australian sun starts to beat down on your car's paintwork, it causes both oxidation and premature fading, while also causing stains to develop where road debris has been left along the surface. This won't impact the way your car drives, but it will lower its value and make it far less fun to look at.