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Buying and Selling Autos and Auto Accessories

4 Consequences of Neglecting Trailer Alignment

Henry Obrien

Some owners of non-commercial trailers cannot remember when they last had the alignment of their trailers checked. Poorly aligned trailers can cause several problems. This article discusses some of the problems that can result when your trailer is not realigned after undergoing major trailer repairs.

Loss of Control

It is very difficult to keep the trailer centered when it is out of alignment. Consequently, it will be hard to keep it under control, especially on slippery surfaces. Such loss of control can result in accidents when you drive on surfaces with limited friction for extended durations.

Reduced Fuel Economy

A poorly aligned trailer can have an adverse effect on the fuel economy of the tow vehicle. This is because the trailer will be "dog tracking" (moving almost sideways). This position increases drag on the trailer as you tow it. The tow vehicle's engine will, therefore, have to work harder in order to overcome that resistance. This excessive load that is imposed on the engine will result in a higher consumption of fuel.

Irregular Tyre Wear

The tyres on your trailer will wear out unevenly if that trailer is out of alignment. This rapid wear is largely caused by the tyres scrubbing the ground or road surface using the edges of the treads. You are likely to incur high costs to replace those tyres frequently if you don't fix the misalignment.

Excessive Vibrations

Misalignment can also cause the trailer to start vibrating excessively as it is being towed. Those vibrations can have several effects. For instance, they can impose a huge strain on the trailer hitch that is attaching the trailer to the tow vehicle. Secondly, the vibrations can loosen the straps that are holding your belongings together within that trailer. The belongings can then begin shifting within the trailer as you drive. This can reduce the stability of the trailer. Trailer vibrations can also be transferred to the tow vehicle through the hitch mechanism. Such vibrations can cause driver fatigue and discomfort if they reach the steering system and the seat of the driver. Trailer components can also eventually loosen and drop off if the trailer isn't realigned.

As you can see, neglecting or being unaware of the importance of realigning the trailer after it has undergone major repairs, such as suspension repairs, can have far-reaching consequences. It is therefore advisable to have the trailer aligned after it has undergone major repairs. Realignment should also be conducted periodically, such as once each year, even if no major repairs have been done. This is because potholes and other road conditions can make that trailer to be out of alignment.