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Buying and Selling Autos and Auto Accessories

Top 3 Signs You May Need Gearbox Repair

Henry Obrien

The gearbox in your car comprises multiple types of gears that work together to not only increase the speed or power of the vehicle but also change its direction. In fact, it is one of those parts that is so essential to the normal functioning of your vehicle that you will easily notice if it is not working properly. 

Watching out for early symptoms of gearbox malfunction is essential to ensure optimal vehicle performance. It is also vital to keeping gearbox repair costs at a minimum. When gearbox problems are discovered early, they can be remedied before they can lead to complete vehicle breakdown, which would be much more expensive to repair. 

Having said that, check out some of the common tell-tale signs of gearbox trouble below. 

Difficulty with Shifting Gears

When your gearbox is perfectly healthy, shifting from one gear to another is a smooth process. When you start experiencing delays or failures when changing gears, this is an obvious sign that your gearbox may be faulty. 

The best course of action is to take your car to the mechanic shop for gearbox repairs.

Strange Noises When Shifting Gears

Do you hear some loud noises during gear changes? When your gearbox is in good working condition, gear change synchronisation occurs silently.

A winding, whining, grinding, clunking or other unusual noises is an indication that you may be faced with gearbox problems. Don't turn a deaf ear to the noises – have an experienced mechanic have a look at the problem immediately.

Burnt Gearbox Oil

Your vehicle's gearbox is made up of several moving parts that require proper lubrication to run smoothly. This is why gearboxes require gearbox oil. 

If you notice an unpleasant burning smell coming from underneath the hood of your vehicle, this is an indication that your gearbox oil could be burnt and ineffective at its job of keeping gearbox parts well-lubricated.

Your best bet for avoiding major vehicle repair is to get your vehicle checked and repaired by a qualified mechanic.

There are lots of different reasons your gearbox may act up. If you notice the above-highlighted gearbox trouble signs or simply think that your gearbox 'feels' different, it is important to act fast. Take your car to a gearbox repair specialist near you and ask them to troubleshoot the reasons for your gearbox issues. Once they discover the issues you're facing, they will recommend and perform the appropriate repairs.