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Buying and Selling Autos and Auto Accessories

Should You Buy Spark Plugs From Your Vehicle's Original Manufacturer or Another Company

Henry Obrien

Spark plugs never last forever, and as a car owner, you may occasionally need to replace your existing spark plugs. One of the questions you need to consider during this process is whether you should opt for spark plugs that are made by the manufacturer of your car or spark plugs made by another manufacturer. Here's what to consider.

Warranty Considerations

If your vehicle is under warranty, you may want to check the warranty before you put in any new parts. Some warranties stipulate that you must use spark plugs or other parts that are made by the original manufacturer. For instance, if you have a Nissan, your warranty may require you to use Nissan parts.

Warranties may also have requirements about whether you have to get the work done at a dealership or a regular mechanic. If you don't follow the terms of the warranty, it may be voided and may not cover future work that you need.

Fit and Compatibility

Spark plugs made by the manufacturer of your vehicle are designed to fit your precise make and model of car perfectly. A tight fit is important for your engine's power, and it also has a positive effect on fuel efficiency.

If you buy a spark plug made by another manufacturer, it may not fit correctly. To be on the safe side, you may only want to use other spark plugs if you are working with a mechanic who is experienced with that type of spark plug on your type of car and who can attest to the fact that they will fit just as well as the original.

In addition, if the spark plug doesn't fit correctly, that may cause interference with the other systems in your car. For instance, ill fitting spark plugs can cause everything from static coming through the stereo speakers to disruption of your GPS system.


In most cases, spark plugs from the original manufacturer tend to be better quality than their generic counterparts. Quality spark plugs usually feature platinum-iridium alloy tips and nickel coated threads. The alloy helps the spark move as intended, and the nickel on the threads help them resist corrosion. In addition, quality spark plugs also feature strong ceramic coating as insulation. If another company makes the spark plugs, they may not be as high quality. The alloy may not be the right mixture, the nickel may be missing, the ceramic insulation may be too thin and brittle.  


Cost is the one area where original manufacturer spark plugs usually does not win. In most cases, the generic ones are less expensive. However, if they impact your fuel economy, they could end up costing more in the long run so it's important to crunch the numbers and read reviews on the specific type of spark plug you are considering using. 

To learn more, talk with a professional mechanic, such as those at Tony's Auto Wreckers.