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Buying and Selling Autos and Auto Accessories

Important Things You Must Know about Low Profile Tyres

Henry Obrien

In the automobile industry, width, rim diameter and profile height make up the parameters used to describe tyres. All these parameters are interconnected and affect the way an individual tyre performs on the road. A change in any of the parameters will necessitate an alteration in another parameter if the tyre is to maintain the same level of efficiency. A low-profile tyre has a small sidewall height relative to the width of the tyre. They are a top choice for luxury car manufacturers because of their aesthetic edge and racing performance on the track. For all first-time car buyers, here are the important things you need to know about low-profile tyres:


Certainly, a clear understanding of low-profile tyres begins by looking at the various terminology used to describe the tyres. The tyre series refers to the ratio between the sidewall of the tyre (height) and its width. It is also called the profile series. This ratio is calculated by dividing the tyre height by the tyre width, then multiplying the result by one hundred, expressing it as a percentage. For example, a low profile tyre with the parameters 230/55 will be taller than a tyre with the parameters 210/55.

Tyre Durability

A common misconception about low-profile tyres is that they tend to wear quicker than the normal ones. However, you must note that manufacturers who know that the tyre, regardless of having a small sidewall, must be usable and durable in the hands of the end user. Therefore, they reinforce the treads and beading of the tyres so that the lifetime of a low-profile tyre can match that of an ordinary tyre.  

However, some instances make a low-profile tyre quite susceptible to damage. Driving with the tyres at low pressure or an overloaded car speeds up the wear and tear of a low-profile tyre. Additionally, they are not ideal for regular off-road driving, hitting or driving over obstacles and kerbs at high speeds. You might even fracture the rim.

Tyre Pressure Levels

Just like the normal tyres, it is best to keep a low profile tyre properly inflated. Under-inflation will lead to irreversible damage, wearing of the outer sections near the sidewalls and overheating. At the same time, overinflating the tyre also lowers the ride comfort and impedes proper handling of the vehicle. Always make sure that the pressure levels are in accordance with the recommended levels indicated by the manufacturer.

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