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Buying and Selling Autos and Auto Accessories

Why You May Need to Leave the Task of Differential Repair to the Experts

Henry Obrien

Do you consider yourself to be something of a handyman around the house, always taking on projects and generally doing a good job to complete them? You may indeed have a greater than average level of manual dexterity and consider that you can fix your car, as well. However, even the most ardent weekend mechanic has to understand their limitations when it comes to something more complex, like a rear differential. Why do you need to defer to qualify technicians, rather than having a go yourself?

How Does This Work?

A differential is a very finely tuned piece of equipment, which has a crucial job. It has to "step down" the power created by the engine, so that it can be realistically applied to the road wheels and in the case of a rear axle vehicle, it will have to divert that power through 90°, as well. You may have become used to checking the differential oil level and even to topping it up, should this be needed, but if anything more extensive needs to be done, significant complications can arise.

What Can Go Wrong?

Over time, parts will start to wear out and the biggest issue within your differential casing relates to the various bearings that carry crucial components. Each bearing is designed to support a moving component such as a shaft and with time, they can become loose. If this happens, you will hear a rumbling or clunking sound, especially at speed.

What Special Tools Do You Need?

Each component inside has to be very carefully located and set up to precise tolerances. This is not something that can be done unless you have specialised tools to help you. For example, you will need a micrometre, measuring calipers and (most importantly) bearing pullers. This latter item is required to physically dismount the bearings from their housing, as they have to be firmly fitted due to the pressure they come under. Everything has to be refitted very carefully, or further failure is likely down the road.

In addition, you may find it easier to completely remove the axle assembly from the car and this is a sizeable job in and of itself. Do you have a sufficient amount of room in your garage at home?

Did you know that you have to pay special attention to replacing the casing cover, as well? If you don't, it could work loose under pressure, or it could divest all of its lubrication onto the floor, leading to a roadside breakdown. 

When it comes to differential repair, it's probably best to trust this crucial work to a qualified technician.